MARKETIZR is a sophisticated map that pictures and explains
the CRM loop, its IT backend and its main processes.

If you market or sell a product we recommend to have a detailed look at MARKETIZR.
MARKETIZR can be used as guide, visualization-tool and recipe-generator for a more or less automated system of marketing and selling multi-channel, with a self-learning system,
that permanently analyses and optimizes its unique sales & marketing formula See it to believe it!

Understanding the CRM Loop

Starting with programs to identify prospects and leads for your product offering. Followed by profiling and pattern analysing, classification, matchmaking and personalization. Proceeding with campaign execution and multi-channeling. And finally, analysing the response in order to start all over again with profiling.

Profound Marketing ToDo Lists

Select the best and most effective marketing and promotion actions that fit to your business plan, your product or service offering and your target group. If you are a large scale volume-seller of commodity products or a specialized niche player, who sells products to a small group of elite people, you are able to create the individual set of marketing tools.

Explaining all IT expressions

A glossary on the left side of the map explains all relevant IT expressions used in the map. You can either read the IT definitions within the glossary and then locate them within the context of the map. Or you study the map and get IT expressions explained on the left side in the glossary.

Some random MARKETIZR clippings

Clipping 1

Here you get a impression of the glossary, the high level client retention processes and the electronic customer care center.

Clipping 2

This MARKETIZR cut-out shows an extract of the the mining section and client score generation and classification.

Clipping 3

This clipping pictures the technical details of the touchpoint layer with the various servers and its communications roots, nowadays commonly set up as SaaS.

Clipping 4

This part of MARKETIZR displays the campaign definition sphere, that includes the entire spectrum of marketing & advertising tools and the multi-channeling.

Interested in MARKETIZR?

MARKETIZR Version 1.6 is available as LFP size 130x80cm. Version 2.0 in progress.